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Dank Vape Ak-47

What is AK-47?

AK 47 Dank Vapes . The name sounds extreme, yet don’t be tricked: AK-47 will leave you in a loose and smooth state.

This sativa-overwhelming cross breed conveys a consistent and durable cerebral buzz that keeps you rationally alert

furthermore, occupied with inventive or social exercises. AK-47 blends Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani assortments,

uniting a perplexing mix of flavors and impacts. While AK47’s aroma is acrid and hearty, its sweet

botanical notes must be completely acknowledged in the taste.


Made in 1992 by Serious Seeds, AK-47 has won various Cannabis Cup grants the world over for its taking off

THC content. For those wanting to fill their nurseries with this resinous, skunky cross breed, producers prescribe an

indoor condition with either soil or hydroponic arrangements. AK-47 is anything but difficult to develop and has a short indoor blossoming

time of only 53 to 63 days, while open air plants ordinarily complete close to the finish of October.

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1. Natural

2. Woody

3. Sharp


1. Belongings

– Makes you feel upbeat

– loose

– euphoric

– uplifment


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2. Therapeutic EFFECTS

– This vape will make you feel less focused

– Relieve you of depression

– Relieve you of torment

– Make you feel less exhaustion

– It disposes of insomnia


– Causes Dry mouth,

– Dry eyes,

– tension

– Causes cerebral pain

– tipsiness